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Object_Type: Institution
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Object_Type: Research Centre
Title: Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
Acronym: CASA
Parent: University College London
Description: The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis is a new initiative in University College London to develop emerging computer technologies in several disciplines which deal with geography, space, location and the built environment. The kinds of computation involved cover geographic information systems, computer-aided architectural design, spatial analysis and simulation, and methodologies of planning and decision support. Members of several departments are associated with the Centre. So far, the Bartlett School of Architecture, Building, Environmental Design and Planning, the Institute of Archaeology, the Centre for Transport Studies, and the Departments of Geography, Epidemiology and Public Health, and Photogrammetry and Surveying are supporting the Center. The projects which the centre is developing so far involve building computer models of {thevirtual city} {urbanremote sensing} {urbandynamics} involving questions of sustainability and density, and the use of GIS technology and spatial analysis in paleo-archaeology, and {thearchaeology of ancient cities}.
Keywords (GEMET): architecture; built environment; city planning; land management and planning; land use planning; urbanism; urban planning and development; geographic information system; computer system; research projects
Keywords: spatial analysis; decision support systems; spatial simulation
Location_Keywords: UK
Metadata_Contact: Karel Maesen
Metadata_Date: 20/05/1994
Metadata_Source: CASA Homepage