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Title: Alliance for Global Sustainability
Description: The Alliance for Global Sustainability is a unique university partnership with global reach involving the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH), and the University of Tokyo (UT). Each of the institutions harbours outstanding disciplinary research and has extensive relations in developing countries in different regions of the world. Together, they bring the intellectual and technological synergy required to meet the contemporary challenges to industry, governments and the public throughout the world in finding a way to a sustainable development and thus securing a prosperous future.
The Alliance also conducts a number of research projects in the field ofSustainable Mobility. The WWW-site details information on these activities, and on the participating researchers.
Keywords (GEMET): sustainable development; research programs; research; research centres
Keywords: sustainable mobility; transportation research
Metadata_Contact: Karel Maesen
Metadata_Date: 20/05/1994
Metadata_Source: Alliance for Global Sustainability Homepage