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Title: United Nations Development Programme - Sustainable Human Development
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Description: Chapter 40 of Agenda 21 calls for improved coordination among the institutions of the United Nations system, with regard to activities related to development data. It suggests that this coordination might be undertaken through a "Development Watch" that would be complementary and equivalent to Earthwatch, with regard to activities related to development data. Agenda 21 also suggests that Development Watch (DVW) should be coordinated with Earthwatch through an appropriate office within the United Nations in order to ensure full integration of environment and development (para 40.13). Development Watch (DVW) is a concept aimed at providing decision- and policy-makers with tools for analysing development trends in order to establish a realistic balance between environmental, institutional, social and economic variables that will facilitate sustainable development. This would allow for better resource mobilisation, distribution and monitoring for the various sectors in sustainable development activities. DVW will not be a mechanism to gather new environmental, institutional, social and economic data. Rather, it would use existing data and focus on developing methodologies for analysing processes of aggregation of that data and identifying their linkages. DVW assumes that countries and organisations at the national, regional and international levels will continue to strengthen data collection activities and capacity-building for these activities. DVW expects ongoing data generation processes to refocus and relate to DVW data and methodologies. ...
Chapter 40 of Agenda 21 also calls for the development of indicators for sustainable development. In particular, it requests countries at the national level, and governmental and non-governmental organizations at the international level, to develop the concept of indicators of sustainable development in order to identify such indicators. ...
As part of the workprogramme of the Commission on Sustainable Development, the UN has therefore developed a set of indicators in collaboration with governments. These are a core set of environmental, institutional, social and economic indicators, designated as Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI). DVW will use the Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI), for the collection, analysis and presentation of development data. DVW will develop relevant methodologies for the cross linkages for these core set of indicators. Keywords (GEMET): sustainable development; sustainable development indicators; international cooperation; United Nations; Agenda 21; demographic development; development patterns; environmental development; economic development
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Metadata_Contact: Karel Maesen
Metadata_Date: 20/05/1994
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