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Title: SpecialLibraries Association Transportation Division
Parent: Special Libraries Association
Description: More than 200 librarians from universities, corporations and regional, state, and provincial and national government organizations make up the Transportation Division. The Division is international in scope and interests.
The Transportation Division promotes the exchange of knowledge and information among individuals and organizations intersted in the development, control and use of information resources in transportation both in general or in one of its many subdivisions; these include air, highway, rail, urban and water transport, and multimodal transportation.
Since its founding in 1943, the Division has been actively involved with transportation issues and research. Its activities have involved publishing, presenting innovative and timely programs and lobbying for better access to transportation literature.
A major benefit of the Transportation Division is the opportunity to participate in programs, discussions and meetings with other librarians interested in transportation. We work together to improve the transportation information environment.
Member benefits include the Transportation Division Bulletin, membership directory, programs at the SLA Annual Meeting and the opportunity to network with fellow transportation librarians at formal and informal meetings.
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