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Title: ITMMA- Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp
Parent: University of Antwerp
Description: The Institute is to fill a gap in the available post-academic programmes. It offers high-level training and education in transport and maritime management with particular emphasis on strategic management and planning. The ITMMA programme aims to prepare its gradutes for the challenges transport companies are faced with today. As such it enables executive staff members from companies in the transport sector to upgrade their technical knowledge and abilities, confronting theory with real life by means of case studies. ITMMA will also create an interdisciplinary environment in which academic and professional specialists can unite their forces in order to approach and solve basic contemporary transport problems.
In addition, it is to develop an extensive research and consultancy programme in transport related fields. This programme will be supported by the development of a documentation centre.
Finally, ITMMA will stimulate its members to participate in international conferences, to publish and co-operate with leading transport research institutes. ITMMA is largely supported by the Antwerp academic, economic and port communities.
Keywords (GEMET): maritime transport; shipping; sea transportation; higher education; educational institutions; transport planning; research programs
Keywords: maritime management; transport consultancy
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City: Antwerp
Metadata_Contact: Karel Maesen
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03 Metadata_Source: ITMMA Announcement
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tel: +32-3-218.07.65