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Title: Transportation Research Information Services - TRIS
Parent: Transportation Research Board
Description: TRIS is the Transportation Research Board's bibliographic database on the subject of transportation research. The TRIS database contains document abstracts describing the published literature of highway research; rural, urban, and intercity transit research, highway safety research, railroad research, maritime research, and air transport research. The online version also contains resumés of unpublished research in progress in transit (from the FTA Project Directories and the Transit Cooperative Research Program) and highway research
Beginning in 1995, BMT Abstracts produced by British Maritime Technology, Ltd. were retrospectively added to the Maritime Research Information Subfile (MRIS) of TRIS. Updated BMT Abstracts were added to MRIS each quarter through November 1996.
Keywords (GEMET): air transportation; land transportation; inland waterways transport; maritime transport; passenger transport; private transport; public transport; rail transport; transportation systems; urban traffic; research; bibliography; research projects; road safety
Keywords: highway research; rural research; urban transit; intercity transit; urban transit; highway safety; maritime research
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Metadata_Contact: Karel Maesen
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03 Metadata_Source: TRIS