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Title: COST
Description: COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) is a framework for scientific and technical cooperation, allowing the coordination of national research on a European level. COST Actions consist of basic and precompetitive research as well as activities of public utility.
There are 25 COST member countries : the fifteen EU Member States plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia and the European Commission.
COST Cooperation was set up in 1971 by a ministerial Conference attended by Ministers for Science and Technology of the 19 original COST countries. This cooperation was widened to include Iceland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland at the second Ministerial Conference held on COST in Vienna in November 1991. This organisation, which laid the foundations for scientific cooperation at the European level, is based upon a flexible set of arrangements enabling different national organisations, institutes, universities and industry to join forces and make concerted efforts in a broad range of scientific and technical areas. From the beginning, the European institutions (Commission and Council Secretariats) have played a particularly important role in the COST framework.
Since 1989, organisations and institutes from non-COST countries and especially from other Central and Eastern European countries may also participate in individual COST Actions, if there is a justified mutual interest.
Keywords (GEMET): international cooperation; research projects; research policy; research programs
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