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Title: Silverplatter TRANSPORT bibliographic database
Parent: Silverplatter
Description: TRANSPORT combines the databases and knowledge of three leading research organizations: OECD's International Road Research Documentation (IRRD), the ECMT TRANSDOC database, and the TRB Transportation Research Information Services database (TRIS). With nearly 500,000 records, TRANSPORT provides all relevant information of interest to practicing engineers, managers, researchers, educators and other professionals in the transportation sectors. Special emphasis is placed on road transportation and transportation economics. The multilingual nature of TRANSPORT (predominantly English, with articles in French, German and Spanish as well) makes it a useful tool for accessing worldwide information.
Keywords (GEMET): library; bibliography; transportation; research; research projects;
Place_Keywords: World
Period_From: 1968
Period_To: present
Frequency: regular, every 4 months
Originator: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, European Conference of Ministers for Transport, The Transportation Research Board
Publisher: Silverplatter
Publication_Place: USA
Language: de
Language: en
Language: es
Language: fr
Medium: CD-ROM
Medium: Internet
Size: 490,000+ records
Metadata_Contact: BrunoKestemont
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03 Metadata_Source: AltaVista