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Title: The DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
Parent: The US Department of Transportation
Description: The BTS provides statistical services related to transportation to the US government, public and private organisation and the general public.
The BTS site provides online the National Transportation Data Archive (NTDA), the NationalTransportation Library (NTL), which is a repository for transporation documents, and the NationalTransportation Atlas (NTA), which is a collection of geo-spatial databases depicting transportation facilities, networks, and services of national significance.
The BTS site also features information on BTS programs, BTS statistical products and a number of related internet sites.
Keywords (GEMET): research and development; research programs; statistical analysis; statistical data; statistical series; transportation systems; road safety; air safety; air transportation; commercial traffic; freight transport; land transportation; long-distance transport; private transport; public transport; railway transport; sea transport; transportation mean
Metadata_Contact: Karel Maesen
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03 Metadata_Source: BTS Home Page