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Object_Type: Conference
Title: 8th World Conference on Transport Research
Period_From: 1998/07/12
Period_To: 1998/07/17
Description: The 8th WCTR will bring a large variety of unique specialized conferences from all over the world together in one selected place. The WCTR has been recognized as the major international and world wide conference on transportation problems. The 8th WCTR will focus on the transportation problem within the framework of logistics and telecommunication. Transportation will be considered in all its aspects: road, rail, maritime and inland transportation, navigation, pipelines, public transportation, port construction, private transportation, ... The logistic chain will be transportation "within" the company as well as its application "outside" the plant. Telecommunication will be the binding element for the transportation of information within the logistic chain towards transportation in all its problems. The 8th WCTR will bring together the world's leading scientists and researchers on the one hand and managers, policy makers, advisors and policy analysts on the other hand. The main aim of the 8th WCTR is to enable researchers, managers and policy makers to interface research results. A special forum will be considered for public presentation, confrontation and discussion. The conference will attract participants from all sectors of the transportation, logistic and telecommunication industry. As at previous conferences, participants will become part of a worldwide network of scientific and practical expertise useful for personal specialization and problem-solving. Participants will be able to increase their know-how and to find inspiration for further research. The programme will comprise over 1000 presentations on scientific and popular themes such as: congestion problems, intermodalism, the role of government in the transport industry and its duties towards it, national transportation models and possibilities, safety analysis and policy, port policy, planning and construction problems, urban transportation, transportation in developed and less-developed countries, high speed rail, bus and truck construction problems and new models, local rail investments, peak load pricing, urban and local traffic management, geographical information systems, land information systems, super highway network, logistical chain problems, routing and network problems, integrated commodity flow control, distribution management, computer integrated management problems, material management, information management, packaging technology and perspectives, environmental problems with regard to transportation, management of logistical services, quality control, super highway network configuration, ...
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