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Title: : Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Description: As you will notice, our airport is located at 55 km south of BRUSSELS, the capital of Europe and of Belgium. Located on the crossroads of the main motorways in Europe, right in the heart of the European Community, you will find a small, friendly, completely renovated airport. Please look at the photographes we have integrated in this file; you will appreciate the modern look and the uncrowded facilities. CHARLEROI BRUSSELS SOUTH is an ideal place for people that are looking for long term investments. Today the airport activity is important mainly for training in all types of aircrafts, as also for general aviation. But our strategy goes for the development for passengers and cargo flights (charter and scheduled flights), as also for business aviation. And as a regional airport very near to the Brussels Zaventem Airport, we are pretty sure that the time will be favorable for the development of airports as ours. Please have a look to the assets of our airport in the the different fields of activity that you are interested in. Our airport also introduces you to different industries and activities such as aeronautical activities or flights schools; you can also find some information on possible investment around the airport. Have a good time on Internet with CHARLEROI BRUSSELS SOUTH.
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Acronym: B.S.C.A. S.A.
Address: Building S7
Postal_Code: B-6041
Country: BELGIUM
Manager: Jimmy BOONEN (Commercial Director)
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