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Metadata_Date: 1997-01-27
Acronym: E-EIS
Title: European Economic Impact Study for the European shipping sector
Keywords: Safety, Transport
Objective : Main objectives:
1. The description of a methodology for the assesment of the economic impact of the shipping sector activities on the Member States' and the European economy: the European Economic Impact Study.
The E-EIS methodology allows the quantification of the full economic significance of the shipping sector in the EU. The E-EIS also provides essential information with respect to the linkages between the sector concerned and other economic sectors. First, a framework will be developed which can be used for all Member States, and second, a method will be described for the construction of the Input-Output-tables (the bottom-up method).
2. The construction of the Input-Output-tables for the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Italy.
First, the shipping sector and its sub-sectors need to be determined and data need to be collected for the construction of these tables. Second, the data will be used to construct the Input-Output-tables for each of the four Member States.
3. The quantitative evaluation of the shipping sector in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Italy, using the E-EIS methodology.
The inter- and intrasectoral relations between the shipping sector and the other sectors of the economic system will be analysed as well as the total economic impact of the shipping sector in terms of value added, employment and backflow to the government.
4. The development of a set of relevant recommendations for a European shipping policy and the assessment of the potential effects.
The emphasis will be on the possibility of identifying a common response to changes in the global environment. In order to assess the potential effects of a set of policy recommendations on the value added structures of the shipping sector, the economic impact of a number of policy scenarios will be calculated according to the E-EIS methodology. Three scenarios will be considered: the laissez-faire scenario, the conventional subsidiation scenario and the new policy framework scenario.
Period_From: 1996-01-01
Period_To: 1998-12-31
Period: 36 months
Status: Execution
Parent: 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)
Parent: EC program: TRANSPORT
Keywords: Waterborne transport - Maritime transport (shipping, ports and logistics)
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