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Title: Mobility management for the urban environment
Keywords: Safety, Transport
Objective : Main objectives:
Mobility management develops (low cost) concepts, strategies and actions that safeguard a given transport need for individuals, institutions and companies through the efficient use of available transport facilities or through strategies for avoidance of trips, promoting a sustainable development. The strategies can include information on available public transport, arranging of new collective transport, coordination of goods transport, coordination of car pooling and communication strategies. A mobility management centre is the operational unit.
1- Presentation of a survey of mobility management concepts, mobility management strategies and mobility management tools.
2- Definition of integrated concepts for mobility management strategies and for operational mobility centres.
3- Demonstration, application and evaluation of mobility management strategies and mobility management tools in a number of mobility centres.
4- Identification of the concepts for the transfer of mobility management strategies.
5- Dissemination of the results of the project to all interested parties in Europe.
Demonstrations will take place in Leicester, Leuven, Graz, Münster, Bologna, Gladbeck, Göteborg, Potsdam, Coimbra, Corfu, Namur and Arnhem.
Period_From: 1901 Period_To: 1931 Period: 36 months
Status: Execution
Parent: 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)
Parent: EC program: TRANSPORT
Keywords: Urban transport - Strategies for changing modal split (including transport means, organisation and operation)
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