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Metadata_Date: 1997-01-27
Acronym: ARROWS
Title: Advanced Research On Road Workzone Safety Standards In Europe
Keywords: Safety, Transport
Objective : The ARROWS project aims to reach its key objectives of:
1) Developing a unified range of applicable road workzone safety measures and principles that should govern the planning, design, implementation and operation of road workzones so as to mitigate their adverse safety effects on workers and road users, and
2) producing a practical handbook aiming in the practical guidance to network managers at all levels.
Period_From: 1996-09-17
Period_To: 1998-09-16
Period: 24 months
Status: Execution
Parent: 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)
Parent: EC program: TRANSPORT
Keywords: Road transport - Road infrastructure
Supplemental_Information: EC Project Reference : PL95-73
Parent: Prime contractor organisation: National Technical University of Athens
Country: GREECE
Relation: Organisation Name: BAST
Location_Keywords: GERMANY
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Location_Keywords: NETHERLANDS
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