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Metadata_Date: 27-Jan-1997
Acronym: PARIS
Title: Performance Analysis Of Road Infrastructure
Keywords: Safety, Transport
Objective : Data acquisition on test sections throughout Europe and analysis of the data to yield pavement performance models.
The PARIS project will provide a data base of the in-service performance of European road test sections, gathered in so-called Real Time Loading Testing (RLT). These data will be extended with information obtained from Accelerated Loading Testing (ALT) of pavement sections using dedicated research facilities. Ultimately, the PARIS project will give road managers the tools needed for cost-effective management of the European road infrastructure.
The following measurable objectives are identified:
- Uniform definitions, data acquisition systems and analysis methods to interpret road pavement performance.
- A central research database for road condition data gathered in the participating countries.
- A coherent set of pavement performance models, applicable for different conditions, climates and materials. These models will be based on real-time data from all participating countries and additional data from accelerated loading tests.
- Verification of the pavement performance models developed.
- Suggestions for implementation of the models.
- Coordinate the project with other related activities.
Period_From: 17-Sep-1996
Period_To: 16-Sep-1998
Period: 24 months
Status: Execution
Parent: 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)
Parent: EC program: TRANSPORT
Keywords: Road transport - Road infrastructure
Supplemental_Information: EC Project Reference : PL95-317
Parent: Prime contractor organisation: DWW
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