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Object_Type: activity
Object_Type: project
Object_Type: research
Title: Policy scenarios for sustainable mobility
Acronym: POSSUM
Parent: TEN
Parent: University College London
Relation: Project coordinator : David Banister, University College London
Relation: partners: Free University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Institute for Regional Studies in Europe (Germany), Environmental Strategies Research Group (Sweden), Technical Research Centre of Finland, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), Scientific Centre of Complex Transport Problems (Russia)
Objectives: Developing an appropriate set of alternative policy scenarios to serve decision-making on the Common Transport Policy (CTP) and the Trans-European Network (TEN) development.
Use: Public deliverables are generated for the European Commission and will be accessible on the WWW. Papers will be presented at conferences and published in journals.
Keywords (GEMET): spatial mobility, transport systems, transportation policy, environmental impact of transport
Keywords: transport policy, transport systems, economic efficiency, environment, regional development, demand for the supply of transport, environmental impact of transport, energy consumption, social safety, human safety, economic instruments, policy instruments, planning instruments, sustainable mobility.
Place_Keywords: European Union, CEEC, CIS, Baltic States
Coverage: Analysis will be carried out at the European scale, including the countries of the CEEC, CIS and Baltic States, but reference will also be made on transport policy changes required at a range of geographical scales.
Originator: University College London
Creation_Date: 1996/09
Next_revision: 1998/09
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Manager: David Banister
Metadata_Contact: Bruno Kestemont
Metadata_Date: 1997/05/11
Future_Review_Date: 1998/09
Metadata_Source: Policy scenarios for sustainable mobility