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Object_Type: activity
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Title: Transport
Keywords (GEMET): traffic, transportation, spatial mobility, means of transport, transportation policy, transport planning, transportation systems, transport systems, economics, management, air transportation, air traffic, road transport, urban traffic, safety, environmental impact of transports, rail traffic, traffic on water, railway transport, maritime navigation, boundary crossing
Keywords: strategic research, understanding mobility, economics of transport systems Developing intermodality, System organisation and interoperability, Integration of new technologies, Policy assessment, optimisation of networks, Rail Compatibility of Train Control Systems Safety Interoperability Economic, Organisational and Social Matters, Integrated Transport, Quality of the network, Quality of the terminal/transfer point, Air, Air Traffic Management (ATM), Air transport safety and the environment, Airports, Urban Transport, Transport management, Strategies for changing modal split, Transition in multi-modal transport, Pricing and financing, Waterborne, Maritime transport, Inland navigation, Efficiency, safety and environment protection in maritime operations, Human resources, Road Transport, Sustainable mobility, Safety, Traffic, transport and information management, Road infrastructure
Description: Online documentation for the field of Transport of the European (EU) Fourth Framework (FW4) Program.
Place_Keywords: Europe
Metadata_Contact: Bruno Kestemont
Metadata_Date: 1997/03/17
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