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Title: INES Workshop: Davidson abstract
Description: Abstract. Sustainable transport options for African countries. Developing adequate and suitable transport systems in African countries to cope with future economic and social needs pose serious problems for these countries. A large number of them are yet to go through their threshold of development and coping with survival needs is paramount. African countries as most worldwide have come to rely on petroleum based road transport systems that are expensive, infrastructurally demanding and environmentally unattractive. In the last two decades, petroleum transport fuels have doubled and steadily accounts for 55-60% of the total oil use. Over half of these countries have less than 500 km paved roads per million people and over a third of these are in poor condition. Emissions form existing road transport systems only increase local, regional and global environmental concerns. Overcoming these dilemmas and developing transport system that are efficient, reliable, flexible and sustainable is a major task for authorities in the continent.
Keywords (GEMET): transport, sustainable development
Place_Keywords: Africa
Metadata_Contact: Bruno Kestemont
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03
Metadata_Source: AltaVista