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Title: STEPhome page
Description: The Sustainable Transport Emergency Program is an informal international collaborative communications and support activity being developed under the aegis of EcoPlan and The Commons. It had its origins in a series of ad hoc email exchanges among a gradually expanding network of researchers, academics, planners, public servants and activists in different countries, a number of whom had attended the March 1996 OECD international conference, Towards Sustainable Transportation. The central thesis of STEP -- which was reflected in some but not the majority of the presentations made at that conference -- is that the clock is ticking and that we cannot afford to wait before beginning to make our transportation systems much more sustainable. STEP has been created as a practical reaction to what a number of us consider to be a real emergency situation which calls for prompt and wide-spread action -- starting today! It is, thus, the chafing or leading edge of the Access program to which it is closely linked.
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Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03
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