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Title: The European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign
Description: The European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign was launched at the end of the European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns, which took place in Aalborg, Denmark from 24-27 May 1994. The Conference was jointly convened by the City of Aalborg and the European Commission, and prepared by ICLEI. The objective of the Campaign is to promote development towards sustainability at the local level through Local Agenda 21 processes, by strengthening partnership among all actors in the local community as well as inter-authority co-operation, and relating this process to the European Union's action in the field of Urban Environment, and the work of the Urban Environment Expert Group. The Campaign is formed by municipal signatories of the Aalborg Charter as Campaign Participants. Its Supporters are major European networks and associations of local authorities including the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), Eurocities, ICLEI, United Town Organisation (UTO) and Healthy Cities, who co-ordinate their efforts through a Coordinating Committee. The Campaign is served by t a Campaign Office based in Brussels. The Campaign Sponsors including the European Commission and the Danish City of Aalborg make the activity happen through their financial contributions. About 120 European cities, towns and counties have up to now signed the Aalborg Charter and thereby joined the Campaign.
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