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Title: Accesssustainable transport forum menology
Keywords: sustainable transport, transport, sustainable development, events, programs, conferences
Description:Events, programs and conferences (real and virtual) that you may wish to keep your eye on This international datebook intends to offer a handy overview of events, conferences and happenings previewed around the world for the coming year which in our view may prove of advantage to visitors to the electronic environment. It is arranged in chronological order, and offers a composite of the individual menologies of the other electronic environment sites. Like many elements of this site, it is intended to be largely a self-generating database, fed by users and colleagues around the world. (Menology: A calendar of months, record of events - from the Greek).
Metadata_Contact: Bruno Kestemont
Metadata_Date: 1997/04/03
Metadata_Source: AltaVista