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Title: IVHS proceedings towards an intelligent transport system
Keywords: System Achitecture; Information Management; & Standards; Urban Traffic Management; Energy & Environmental Impacts; & Evaluation Methods;.
Author: Ertico
Description: The roads and vehicles of tomorrow will see major changes brought about by the combination of information technology and telecommunications. To develop cooperation between countries and IVHS planners, ERTICO in Europe, VERTIS in Japan, and IVHS America are sponsoring a series of ATT & IVHS World Congresses. The Paris Congress, 1994 was the first event.
Publishing_Date: 1995
ISBN: 0-89006-810-0
Language: en
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Size: 3394 pages, 6 volumes
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Metadata_Date: 1997/03/17
Metadata_Source: IVHS proceedings towards an intelligent transport system
Price: $ 199.00