16.3. FORM, CONTENT (tick one or several options and specify):

General types (recommended as minimum to inform, even if more precise indications are given in a repetition of the same field). It could be an opportunity to align on the WWW standards for this subject, which is not the case for the list proposed here.

General types Specific types
Facts fact data, tables, diagrams
Pictures graphs, drawings, images, maps
Animations films, video, animation
Samples samples, collection pieces, models,...

A more precise representation can get inspiration from the reference below.

Reference: Alpine Convention/EEA: Inventory of alpine data sources (1994), extended and adapted considering CORINE codification and general use. EEA, 1994

Code Name

Type of product not specifying the support (content of systems):

FA Facts/tables

TX Texts

GE Geolocational information

MP Maps

BI Bibliography

SI Remote sensing/satellite images

PI Pictures

SO Sounds

SP Samples

MM Mapmodel

PH Photo

FI Film

VI Video

PA Painting

OT Others*

Specifying the support type :

(.P=printed;.D= digital;.A=analogic;.L= Actual*; M= Manual*; O=Others*)


Alps EEA1994 Name

PTX TX.P Printed text/books

TX.M Manuscript

PMM MM.P Printed map model

PMP MP.P Printed map

PFA FA.P Printed table/facts

PPI PI.P Printed picture

PSO SO.P Printed sounds (notes)

DTX TX.D Textfile

DMP MP.D Digital map

DFA FA.P Data file

DPI PI.D Digital picture

DSO SO.D Digital soundtrack

ASO SO.A Analogic soundtrack

PA.L Actual painting*

PI.L Actual picture*

PI.O Other kind of picture (e.g. hologram)*

FA.D? computerized datacollection

FA.P? manual datacollection

TX? document(s) *

MP map(s) *

SI remote sensing images *

SP? object collection, samples

SN? object collection,specimens

SM object collections, scale models (3-D maquette)

Real support (combining the support type and the real support asked for later : P= Paper*; L= Line; T= tape*; D= Disk(ette)*; R= CD-ROM*; H= Hard; O= Other)

PP printed/paper

DL on-line version

DT digit-(magnetic)tape

DD digit-disk(ette)

DH digit hard disk

DR CD-ROM (read-only memory)

DW optical disk (re-writable)

DO other digital medium

OD other kind of disk

Example of complete codes for products, combining support and content:

code name

TX.PP Paper printed text

TX.MP Paper manuscripted text

TX.MO Manuscript on other medium (e.g. on a papyrus, sculpted on a monument, ...)

TX.DT Digital text on tape

MP.DT Digital Map on tape