Professional training in the biomedical science jobs of today and tomorrow

Research, business development, and training: the three complementary and fundamental factors that a region needs to launch innovative businesses. In acknowledgment of this need, Biopark offers a broad range of training courses:

ULB and UMONS have worked together to organise the Master’s in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology. The course runs on the Biopark and is aimed at university students who want to gain deeper insight into how molecular biology works, in both normal and pathological conditions.

The Biopark Formation Training Centre provides a broad range of courses, both short and long, for those involved at all levels of the Life Sciences sector (scientists, technicians, Ph.D students, professors, and jobseekers). Issue 5 of Biopark News ran a feature on the courses available in the Biopark.

Take a look on Biopark News n°5pdf, dedicated to training organised at the Biopark.