Turning research into business

Finding practical applications for our findings is part of the duty of a University to contribute to the economic development of their host regions. The transfer of technology from a lab to a business application, and the protection of intellectual property rights, are essential to this process. There are a variety of structures within the Biopark that work closely with the scientists to provide support throughout the innovation process (see diagram below):

  • The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) supports scientists in identifying promising experiments, resolving intellectual property issues, and getting patents approved (steps 1, 2, and 5).

  • If a business is created, the TTO and i-Tech incubator team can help the scientist-entrepreneurs to compile the company specifications or business plan (steps 3 and 4).

  • TTO and i-Tech Incubator can also help companies to find investment (step 6). Theodorus investment fund is the Biopark's special partner for projects beginning in ULB labs, and the Biopark also works with other investment funds.

  • Once the company has been create (step 7), the incubator is able to provide a range of short- and medium-term space solutions to new businesses. Fledgling spin-offs are thus able to save the cost of developing a new building, and can share their overheads.

Learn more about the TTO, the i-Tech Incubator and the investor partners.