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IPG, the Institute of Pathology and Genetics

Located on the Aéropole de Gosselies site since 2000, the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG) is heir to a long tradition of diagnostics and clinical analysis going back to the 1950s. Each year the Institute carries out near to 250,000 specialised analyses in the fields of:

  • Anatomical pathology: histological studies based on histochemistry, immunohistology, electronic microscopy and histo-enzymology;

  • Human genetics: The IPG's Human Genetics Centre is one of the eight certified Belgian centres for human genetics and karyotype analyses, metabolic diseases, foetal autopsies, etc.

  • Molecular biology: The study of the genetic information contained in cells (DNA) and its RNA expression, particularly for genetic diseases, onco-haematology and infections.

The IPG set up its subsidiary in 2004 as a limited company ("société anonyme"), bringing together under one roof all activities not explicitly associated with human medical diagnostics but nevertheless closely related to the Institute's recognised competence, mainly in the field of forensic analysis, for which it has ISO 17025 certification. A further IPG offshoot is the Institute of Scientific Research into Pathology and Genetics (IRSPG), an institute supporting the IPG's R&D activities.

Avenue George Lemaître 25
B-6041 Gosselies.
T. +32(0)71/ 47 30 47
F. +32(0)71 /47 15 20