European Union Law and Policy on Immigration and Asylum

Droit et politique de l'immigration et de l'asile de l'Union Européenne


The Network held its first Summer school in Brussels from the 2nd to the 13th of July, 2001. Under the general theme " Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy in the European Union ", the event brought together 121 participants and 32 professors from the Universities of Nijmegen, Catholique de Louvain, Pontifica Comillas of Madrid, de Sceaux - Paris-Sud, Libre de Bruxelles, Nanterre, Milan, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Oxford, Aarhus and Hamburg, as well as from the College of Europe in Bruges, EUROSTAT, the UNHCR, the Justice and Home Affairs D.G of the E.U., the Committee for the Rights and Freedom of Citizens of the European Parliament and the Belgian Permanent Refugee Board.

If the Network organises a second edition of the Summer school, it will post information to that effect on this site, in the early part of 2002.

For information purposes only, you will find materials concerning the 2001 edition below.
The 2001 Summer school casebook contains exhaustive documentation on European norms currently in force, or in preparation. The following 3 volumes are available :
  • General Documentation

  • Immigration

  • Asylum

  • They may be ordered at the cost of 20 euros each, plus mailing costs, at the following email address: