The  academic network for legal studies on immigration and asylum in Europe, was created in 1998 with the financial support of the European Commission's Odysseus programme, on the initiative of Philippe DE BRUYCKER, lecturer and researcher at  the Centre for Public Law and the Institute for European Studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.  It brings together experts from each Member State of the European Union: Jean-Yves CARLIER and Sylvie SAROLEA (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), Kay HAILBRONNER (University of Konstanz, Germany), Cristina GORT┴ZAR and Emiliano GARCIA COSO (University Pontificia Comillas of Madrid, Spain), Elspeth GUILD (Radbous University of Nijmegen) and Ryszard CHOLEWINSKI (IOM Geneva) for United Kingdom, Franšois JULIEN-LAFERRIERE (University of Paris-Sud) and Henri LABAYLE (University of Bayonne) for France, Olivier LANG and Franšois MOYSE (Lawyers, Luxembourg), Bruno NASCIMBENE (University of Milan, Italy), John HANDOLL (Lawyer, Ireland), Írjan EDSTRÍM (University of Umea) and Gregor NOLL (University of Lund) for Sweden, Rudolf FEIK and Ulrike BRANDL (University of Salzburg) for Austria, Jens VEDSTED-HANSEN (University of Aarhus, Denmark), Achilles SKORDAS (University of Bristol) for Greece, Thomas SPIJKERBOER (University of Amsterdam) and Kees GROENENDIJK (Radboud University of Nijmegen) for the Netherlands, Constanša DIAS URBANO DE SOUSA (University Autonoma de Lisbon) and Nuno PIăARRA (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) for Portugal, Martin SCHEININ and Eeva NYKANEN (University of Turku) for Finland, Boldizsar NAGY (University E÷tv÷s Lorand, Budapest, Hungary), Barbara MIKOLAJCZYK (University of Silesia) for Poland, Kristine KRUMA (University of Latvia) for Latvia, Martin SKAMLA for Slovakia and Lyra JAKULEVICIENE (University Mykolas R÷meris) for Lithuania. Vigdis VEVSTAD who is an independent consultant joined the Network as a representative of Norway because of its participation to the Schengen cooperation). We welcomed as well representatives of Switzerland after their adhesion in the Schengen cooperation: Vincent CHETAIL (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva) and Francesco MAIANI (Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP, Lausanne). 

The network aims to analyse the legislation of EU Member States and legislation of the EU in the areas of migration and asylum.  The objective is to furnish universities, policy-makers, practitioners and NGOs with a deeper insight into these issues, from a European perspective. The results of our analysis will be presented to the European Institutions, in order to help them in prepare a legislation based on the new provisions of the Treaty of Amsterdam. The working languages are English and French. 

This Network will carry out comparative legal studies on different themes. The first study analysed regularisation procedures of clandestine immigrants. A study of the temporary humanitarian status will follow. The adopted methodology involves, in the initial phase, Members of the Network to examine the existing norms in practice in their countries. This will be followed up by an in-depth comparative analysis of the different legal national systems in the EU. The results of this research has been published.  

A conference was organised in December 2000 on the material law concerning immigration and asylum in the European Union. As a result of a collaboration between professors and researchers from the different Members universities of this Network, magistrates, and officials of national ministries and the EU institutions. This conference presented an analysis of the progress which has been made on the legislation concerning immigration and asylum, within the framework arisen in the area of the third pillar, since the ratification of the Maastricht treaty as well as an analysis of the prospects offered by the Amsterdam Treaty in this area. 

The Odysseus Network provides the public with a web-site. This will allow the Network to promote its work and its members. The reader is invited to visit the site and to get in touch with us for further information. Interested parties are especially invited to complete the pages entitled "European Research Forum on Immigration and Asylum Law ". 

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