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The European Calcium Society, past present and future

The start of our society followed the organization of various European Symposia on Calcium Binding Proteins in Normal and Transformed Cells, initiated under the visionary impulsion of Roland Pochet, Claus Heizmann, Jacques Haiech and Rosario Donato.

In 1997 the ?European Calcium Society? (ECS) was officially created, a web site was launched, newsletters started to be published on a regular basis, and the ECS grew.

Subsequent scientific meetings were organized every two years: Münster, 1998; Paris, 2000; Brussels, 2002; Cambridge, 2004; Strasbourg, 2006; Leuven, 2008; Warsaw, 2010 and just two months ago Toulouse. Additionally, at a general demand, it was decided to organize in the years between the meetings also more focused workshops, allowing for more contacts between Ca2+ scientists working on the same or on similar topics (in Seix in 2007 and 2011; in Smolenice in 2009). The next ECS activities will therefore be a workshop scheduled in Leuven (11-13 September 2013) that will focus on Ca2+ and cell death, and the 13th ECS meeting that will be in Aix-en-Provence (13-17 September 2014).

The aim of the ECS was and is to develop and sustain relationships between the scientists working in the field of calcium binding, calcium signalling and the study of the various proteins thereby involved (the "calcium toolkit").

The ECS is therefore proud to count at this moment 256 members. Worthwhile to mention is that no less than 67 members (i.e. 26% of the total membership) are coming from outside Europe (USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, China and Hong-Kong, Brasil, Qatar, as well as several other South-American and Asian countries). The international composition of our Society is also reflected in the ECS Board, as since the last General Assembly (11 September 2012, Toulouse) we have the pleasure and the honor to count Dr. J.W. Putney (NIH-NIEHS, USA) in our ranks as Board member.

One of the important aims of the ECS is to support junior researchers and the ECS consequently counts thus a fair part of student members (37). Junior researchers are especially supported by highly discounted rates at all ECS activities, and the attribution to them of travel grants, poster prizes and, since the Warsaw 2010 meeting, the Drabikowski award for best oral presentations. Finally, to further foster the communication between its members the ECS has recently started to use Facebook in addition to the other communication means.

The ultimate goal of the ECS hereby is to create and sustain a large, vivid community of all scientists from European countries and even from the whole world, interested in and even enthusiastic about the calcium ion, willing to share information, to meet and to discuss results and to do this in an open and warm atmosphere of friendship.

Wishing the ECS and all its members the best of success in all their future endeavors,

Very sincerely,

Jan Parys,
(Leuven, November 6th, 2012)